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Who are we and our travel agency partners?


We are hiking experts working together with travel professionals. This allows our customers to book conveniently through our website with the security of a major tour operator. For the large number guests who come from Germany and Switzerland, we can offer personalised flight times. The all-inclusive price for our trips includes flights from the airports of Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Zurich.


Risk coverage certificate


Our travel agency partners are licensed and registered travel agents in Austria and are part of a risk coverage system. Travellers have the right to claims pursuant to the German Federal Law Gazette. II, No. 316/1999. This is equivalent to the risk coverage certificate issued in Germany.


Bonus for early birds and return bookings


If you decide to book a trip 6 months or more before departure, we offer a discount of € 35 as an early bird bonus. For the large number of guests who are travelling with us for the second time or more, we also offer a return booking bonus of € 35. It is possible to apply both discounts together for a total discount of € 70.


Why book a personalised hiking tour with us?


• You want to take a tour on different dates

• You want to be with your friends, family or hiking club

• You want to customise your tour

• And much more ...


If your group consists of four people or more, you can plan your very own natural adventure. You’ll be surprised at our great value prices! Send us your inquiry and get a personalised quote.