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Scotland, Wales & Ireland

Scotland - Varied landscapes, from rolling hills to rugged mountain ranges. Landscapes dotted with heather and gnarled pine forests. Crystal-clear water in the countless rivers and lakes. Magical places to relax and unwind. A uniquely pure air – and often, no mobile phone reception or signs of civilisation. The Highlands makes everyone a nature lover and sends everyone home with a new sense of strength and invigoration.


Join us for an enjoyable hike through this beautiful country. You’ll visit the home of Scotch whiskey to discover how it’s made and follow in the footsteps of famous national heroes!


Vast expanses, isolated landscapes – Nature in its purest form! Away from the busiest hiking routes and reachable in one day of travel. National parks containing more than 3,800 km2 of land without public roads. - these are the Scottish Highlands.


These are landscapes that will quickly win your heart - think “Braveheart”, “Highlander” or “Lord of the Rings”.


Water is the element of the Highlands, and around 90 percent of the British Isles’ drinking water originates there. 50,000 km of rivers and over 27,000 lakes - so-called “Lochs” - await you. Breathtaking heathland landscapes, stunning Caledonian forests and secluded beaches on just over 11,800 km of coastline – which means that when you hike in Scotland, you’re never more than 80 km from the coast. The largest inland lake is Loch Lomond, which boasts the world's only freshwater mackerel, while Loch Ness and its mysterious monster take the title of “most famous”. As surely as Scotland is not England, the Scottish Highlands and its people will captivate your heart and mind.

England - With the "Best of Hadrians Wall" we have picked out the most spectacular sections along the magnificent World Heritage Site. Garnished with the best Roman forts and museums along the monumental structure built in 122 by Emperor Hadrian. So he wanted to secure his kingdom against the "Scots". Breathtakingly beautiful!


Ireland – It’s not for nothing that this green island is considered a hiking paradise – but the Dingle Peninsula is where we really want to go. Peaceful, uncrowded and exceptionally varied, it represents Ireland at its best. No sooner have you descended a mountain than you find yourself on miles of sandy beach. Of course, the Irish “pub culture” is an added bonus!           


Sweden - The loneliness in northern Swedish Lapland. The majestic peace of nature in the mountains. The over 2,000 meter high, sacred Akka mountains. A winter hiking experience of a very special kind, whether with snowshoes or touring skis. You will have a lot to talk about.       

Come with us to the north of Europe and experience unforgettable moments in the hiking paradise!